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Will a New Car Audio Installation Void my Car’s Warranty?

Car warranties are not something to take lightly, especially when you’ve worked hard to afford not only the car itself but the in car equipment, too.

With a lot of fine print and many working parts within your vehicle to account for, we all want to retain our warranty for as long as possible. Whether that be through keeping our vehicle in prime condition, or by not replacing any of the parts at all, a warranty is best kept untouched or more specifically, un-voided.

What is the warranty?

An important question!

A warranty is a written guarantee from the manufacturer that within an agreed period of time, you can return or repair your vehicle or vehicles parts if it is found to be faulty in some way.

The stipulation here is that it must be the fault of the manufacturer or the vehicle design itself rather than something that the customer is responsible for. For instance, if the headlights were not installed correctly by the manufacturer and therefore don’t work properly, then they’d fall under the remit of the warranty and could be replaced. If you were driving whilst on the phone and nicked the headlight on the back of another vehicle, then this would fall outside of the warranty.

Make sense?

Will aftermarket parts void my warranty?

Whether it’s for a new in car entertainment system or a new exhaust pipe, there is always the possibility that taking one piece off and installing a new piece of kit could damage your car.

As mentioned above, this would mean that your vehicle was damaged at the fault of the customer or a third party that was not the manufacturer. In some cases, then, installing a new piece of kit has the potential to void your warranty.

Voiding part of your warranty

That being said, something like a car stereo installation would usually end up not voiding the whole of your warranty, but only part of it. Stereo installations will fall within a certain section of your warranty, and replacing it will void that of the radio you’ve replaced. This means that you haven’t voided the warranty for the entire car, but only for that specific piece of kit. Of course, you’ll want to install it properly, so as not to damage other parts of the car.

Always check the fine print

With this in mind, you should always check the fine print. Most car models will have similar, but subtly different warranty agreements and understanding your warranty and how the piece of aftermarket kit you’re installing could affect it is all part of taking good care of your vehicle.

You may have no choice but to install a new piece of kit, and if your factory model car stereo is faulty, you might be offered an upgrade for it anyway if the vehicle is still under warranty. Some parts of the vehicle may have shorter warranties than others, making scrutiny even more important.

Car Stereo Installations by In Car Music

With this in mind, one of the best options you have for not voiding your warranty but still enjoying a car stereo UK upgrade is to opt for professional installations from the likes of In Car Music.

Professional companies like ours can consult you on your warranty agreements and will ensure that their installations have as little effect on the car as possible. Get in touch!

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