Car stereos

Until you hear the difference, you might not see why an upgrade would be necessary.


When it comes to car audio, you might be perfectly happy with the audio system your car comes with. That is until you hear the difference in an upgrade. Whilst some upgrades might come with the cars deal, there is plenty of new technology which comes out year after year, making upgrades increasingly enticing. This is especially true of those who listen to the radio or music whilst driving, and for whom good sound quality is a necessity.

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a new car stereo installation, then do consider these factors.

What will you be listening to?


It’s important to think about the kind of car radio need in regards to the sort of thing you’ll be listening to. If you listen to a lot of radio, it may be a case finding the crispest and cleanest sound for voices, whilst dance music will require heavy bass and potentially a subwoofer. Different music sounds better on different sound systems, so shop around and experiment to find the perfect model for you and your car.


Name your number


Price is important. Ultra boutique UK car stereos can reach hundreds of pounds, whilst the more affordable standard options are far cheaper. Always look for quality and reliability over the cheapest option. Think about the headphones you use. The cheaper they are, the worse the sound quality. The same will go for car audio systems as well. Some may blow out incredibly easy or not be able to handle the sound you’re looking for.


Factory receivers and your car stereo


Factory receivers refer to the sound system in your car being linked up to other essential  services. These might include temperature control, catalytic convertors and alarm system. In this case, it might not be possible to change your car audio system. What you can do instead is change the quality of your speaker system. This might mean adding in better quality or more recent tech, but leaving the radio itself alone.


How big is your sound system?


Bass is important if you’re going to be listening for more intricate and layered music. A subwoofer will improve the sound quality of the lower notes but will take up more space in your car. Finding the right sound for your car will depend on how much space you have to work with. Subwoofers are large speaker systems and will take up a lot of space in the boot of your car or underneath the seats.


Do you require bluetooth connectivity?


Bluetooth audio systems are incredibly useful, especially if you’re going to be taking calls whilst driving and want to stay legal and safe. Bluetooth and hands free systems are some of the most useful in new audio technology and can be utilised for great value prices.

If you’re still not sure what you need for your car, come down to In Car Music and ask one of the professionals in shop. You won’t regret it and your ears will thank you on the drive home.