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Top Under-seat Subwoofers from In Car Music

Under-seat Subwoofers are one of the best options for car stereo installations. With big bass and space economy, an under-seat subwoofer means that you can enjoy high-quality music and sound coming right from underneath you.

For the best car speakers in the UK, In Car Music provides a broad range of different stereo equipment for almost every audio need under the sun. With some kitted out for specific car models, and others made for a diverse selection, the subwoofer range at In Car is especially celebrated amongst car audio lovers the country over.

Why go underseat?

Before you get stuck into the new models available at In Car Music, we thought that we’d give you just some reasons why you might want to place your subwoofer under your car seat, rather than the standard set up of an enclosure in the boot of your car.

Space economy

Many subwoofers are positioned under car seats because they save space. An enclosure under the car seat rather than in the boot makes room for more storage space in the back and utilises space which would otherwise be unused. This is especially useful if you’re buying for a compact car.

More bass below

With the subwoofer installed directly below you, you’ll find the bass to be far more immediate. With the bass coming from the back of the car, the dissonance might be a little more pronounced, rather than having the sound come from directly below you.

Models to watch out for

With so many models, we’ve selected just a few of the stunning new subwoofer models for in car stereos for you to sink your teeth into.

BMW Audison Amplifier Upgrade

The BMW Audison Upgrade includes a wide range of extensive upgrades for your car.

The most stand out amongst them, though, is the under-seat subwoofer upgrade, which replaces your previous enclosure with a powerful yet compact Audison APBMW S84 subwoofer. Overall, this top-of-the-line upgrade will have BMW owning music lovers enjoying renewed, clear bass.

Hertz 10” Slim Subwoofer and Box

The 10” Hertz beauty is a compact and stylish subwoofer, perfect for any car with 250 mm to spare under the front seat under. With incredible power handling at a peak of 900 watts, this subwoofer is perfect for any vehicle that wants tightly controlled, sensitive bass with an underlying deep bass, truly a force to be reckoned with.

Audison APBX 8 DS 8" 500W Bass Car Subwoofer

A more flexible Audison subwoofer than the previously discussed BMW only model, the Audison APBX is one of the most robust subwoofers to have landed in recent years.

With the 4+4 ohm dual voice coil configuration, the complex system creates clear, simple and powerful basslines for your car. With it’s added bass boost, this rich system is the perfect audio upgrade for any vehicle. Whatever your needs, the Audison APBX will easily integrate with the rest of your cars audio system, and ensure a high powered sound that’s suitable for playing any and all music genres.

If you’re still looking for car speakers UK or other stereo equipment, shop our full product range online. Make sure you don’t miss our special offers!

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