It’s not as hard as you think, and fine tuning your speaker system will undoubtedly improve your driving experience.

Many people will merely settle with the factory settings of their car audio. If you don’t know it could be better, then you’ll probably just settle for what’s in front of you. But with like with all good things, you won’t know until you ask. When you do ask, you’ll find that with a few tweaks, you could up your car audio as easy as as starting your engine. Below are some of our tips for upping your car audio and improving your listening experience.


Replacing your car speakers

One simple solution for improving your car’s sound quality is by replacing the speaker systems altogether. More often than not, the factory equipment in your car’s speaker system will be of a lower quality than that which is found in the shops. Investing in better car audio installation is a surefire way of improving the sound.


Reduce excess driving noise

By adding noise deadening materials to your car, you can better the acoustics within it. With the bumps and the road riding rumble deadened by noise cancelling material such as the hushmatt kit, you can keep the sound quality high even when you hit the higher speeds.


Buy an amplifier

An amplifier can help to up the sound quality of your car’s stereo. Most cars do not come with an amplifier installed into their speakers, but would benefit massively from having one installed. Adding an amplifier will make a big difference to how your speaker system uses power.


Buy a subwoofer

A subwoofer installation will really help you pick up those bass notes whilst driving. The subwoofer is a great addition if you are listening to bass heavy music and will guarantee that your music will always sound better, deeper, and far more detailed.


Build or buy a better sub box

To maintain your subwoofer, you will need to install it in an enclosure, or sub box. These can be built or bought, and can be customised or personalised to your specific requirements and subwoofer model. Sub boxes and enclosures should always enhance the sound quality.


Tone control maxing is a no no

Tone control is like tuning your musical instrument. WHilst factory level tone control can be boosted and sound great when the car is static, there will still be interference whilst driving. To up your sound try boosting your bass less and decrease the high and mid levels. Lastly, increase the overall levels.


Good cables increase the quality

A better quality sound cable is also useful for upping the quality. The amount of power that can run through your connecting cables will have a distinct effect on your car audio. Better quality cables, emans a better quality sound.


Your music files can be a higher quality

Without even changing the quality of your sound, you can change the MP3 file quality you use and ensure a better sound without diverting from your factory UK car speakers.