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How to Revamp the Sound System in Your Old Car

Not everyone can afford to change cars every few years, so many of us are stuck driving an older model for a handful of years. Considering that factory-made stereos and speakers are rarely adequate even when they are new, those found in older cars can be grossly obsolete.

But, we don’t think that should be a reason to endure poor sound quality. Why? Because rebuilding your sound system is not any more complex than car alarm installation or a similar project!

In this article, we will present you with some of the available options for upgrading the quality of sound in your older car. Here are a few simple things you can do:

Get better car speakers

Speakers are usually the primary cause of crummy sound quality in many car stereo systems, so replacing them with a better set is the first step you need to take if you want to enjoy great music in your car.

There is a wide choice of car speakers to consider, and you should get excellent performance even in the medium price range. Powerful speakers are available in compact forms, and they can easily be positioned in the same locations as the original set. If you can’t afford to buy new speakers immediately, cleaning your old ones might help at least to some degree.

Boost your sound with invisible add-ons

Space can be very limited inside a passenger car, so you don’t want to have a bulky sound system that interferes with the comfort of the driver or other passengers.

Ideally, you should select add-ons that can be discreetly positioned behind the dashboard, with no cables hanging around. Manufacturers are aware of this issue, which is why you can find numerous models of amplifiers and stereo boosters that fully meet the definition of ‘stealthy’. Of course, a subwoofer can be too large to fit under the dashboard, so you will have to plan ahead to find the right spot.

Improve compatibility with various digital formats

It’s hard to believe, but some older cars still have cassette players and radios as the only sources of music.

This is easy to change by installing components capable of receiving and reproducing in car entertainment in various digital formats. With the addition of a Bluetooth receiver or digital-to-analogue converter, it’s possible to play songs from your smartphone or stream videos from the internet. In other words, you can greatly expand your selection of music even before you modernise your car stereo.

Talk about a quick (and easy) fix.

Don’t be afraid to customise your car system

Some people view car audio installation as a single event that must be executed according to precise instructions. In contrast, true sound enthusiasts are always working to improve one component of the audio system or another, so the process is never completely finished.

Once you learn a bit more about modern car audio equipment, you will find new ways to mix and match different elements until you get the desired result. With a custom sound system, your old car will become something entirely different – a classic!

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