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Common Car Audio Problems and How to Solve Them

Whatever your car audio needs, purchasing one of our top of the range London car audio systems from In Car Music either online or in-store will help you keep your system from running into problems for quite a while.


That being said, there will always be kinks and minor grievances that will inevitably crop up from time to time. Regardless of the brand, price range and sound quality, all car audio systems need a fine-tuning every once in a while.

Here at In Car Music we pride ourselves on employing some of the best UK car audio experts in the city, and will always have someone on hand in shop to help you troubleshoot the problems you’re having. That being said, there are a number of problems that, with a little research and elbow grease, you can rectify yourself from the comfort of your home.

Your car radio won’t turn on

This usually occurs when there’s a problem with the source of power or one of the many places where electricity passes through the system. Your car radio may also not work if the fuse is blown. Fuses are there to stop overpowered circuits, and so a blown fuse causes the entire system to shut down.


You can work out if your fuse is blown by using a multimeter. These devices should be set to measure in ohm’s, and if the reading is recorded when you touch it to the fuse caps, then you’ll know that the fuse isn’t blown. Another reason for your audio system turning off is a grounding problem. Make sure your grounding points are correct, and if in doubt, ask a specialist.

The bass won’t play

When you change your car audio speakers from their factory originals to an advanced pair, you may find teething problems in the process. No bass in your speakers is typically found at these moments, and comes down to a disparity between the push and pull actions of a speaker system. For bass to be produced, they must push air simultaneously. Another reason may be that the new speaker is heavier or harder than the factory version, leading to your car’s bass being pushed into the background.


The stereo amp must be reconnected to the speaker wires, the positive and negative terminals of each component must be connected to the positive and negative terminals of the speaker or battery.

Your system overheats

This can be an incredibly dangerous occurrence, especially when surrounded by nearby flammable liquids in the enclosed environment of a car. This often comes down to incorrectly wired speakers and is commonly seen when what should be separately running wires are combined together. Whilst warmth is common in any electrical circuit, too much heat can be extremely dangerous indeed.


Check the wiring of your car audio installation. Make sure each wire runs separately where it should and that the earth wire has been grounded correctly. If none of these are cooling down the system as it runs, then it might be a case of reinstalling or even replacing the entire system.

Still stumped? Visit us or get in touch to speak to one of our UK car audio experts.

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