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5 Accessories to Improve Your Car’s Appearance

When a new car model comes out, it’s always advertised as being top of the range and up to date in terms of its stylistic flourishes. Whilst this may be the case upon its release, we all know that style and fashion change very quickly indeed. What’s in one year, may very well be out the next. Fear not though, car’s aren’t like your seasonal fashion week and can stay in style for longer than you’d think.

In part, this is down to practicality, and in part, cars last much longer, so there’s less vehicular shelf life. Many are designed to be timeless classics, but it’s not just the look, but what’s inside that counts. Whilst your new BMW model might look the part, the interior workings could become outdated quite quickly, especially with factory default equipment like in car entertainment.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of just a few of the appliances and accessories that could spruce up your cars look, whilst also keeping up with the latest innovations.


Subwoofers are easily installed in the interior of your car and not only add a great look with their slick, compact enclosures, but also inject texture and depth to your cars audio system. Whether you subtly install it under the front seat, or you place it in the boot, car sub and amp packages are some of the best ways to spruce up your car. 

Digital Radios

Whether you have a faulty quad lock connector or the sound’s becoming tinny, sprucing up your car’s digital radio adds more than just audio clarity.

With many models adding intuitive to use and stylish head units to the front of cars, many new models give you the chance to choose your own LED display colours and even update your radio to the latest hands-free and digital radio models.

In Car Entertainment systems

Car radios are just one part of your vehicle’s entertainment system.

Have you ever considered adding DVD or video game centres and screen units to the interior? Best utilised in family cars for long journeys, adding fully kitted out entertainment systems to your vehicle can be easier than you’d think.

Body Kits

Encapsulating a range of exterior flourishes, body kits can include bumpers, side skirts and even spoilers. These are not only stylistic attributes but can add protection to your vehicle. Make sure to keep your body kits subtle though, you can easily go overboard with your model, ending up with a far louder vehicle than first expected.

Seat covers

Seat covers are another aspect of your vehicle that aesthetically affects not only the inside but the outside of your vehicle. The first thing you see when looking through the window of a car is the seats so making sure they fit the overall style is key to a singular look for your vehicle. Seat cover upgrades can include foam refurbishment, adding comfort that could have been lost over time as well as more extensive replacements. Most overhauls will see you replace your standard fabric seat cover with faux or premium leather, sprucing up the feel of your car to something more luxurious and stylish. There is a range of colours you can choose as well, ensuring that everything fits with your cars overall colour palette.

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