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    All around the world, the summer heat leaves cars with windows open to keep cool and to theft opportunists.

    According to a survey taken by Allstate Insurance this year which focused on car thefts in the state of Texas, more cars are stolen in the month...

  • What You Need To Know About Upgrading Your Car Stereo


    Many people still own old generation car stereos, unknowing that upgrades can be cheap and incredibly easy.

    Do you remember when you were younger and taking long car journeys? Usually radio systems would consist of crackly sound and an almost incessant cutting out. Tapes were used as well, and whilst the...

  • Speak to me! Your guide to buying the right car speakers

    Do you spend many hours on the road, cooped up in your car and so relying up its audio system to keep you company for all that time spent on motorways? Well, if tailbacks during your daily commute to and from work are only too familiar then being able to...

  • Ace of bass: the ins and outs of in-car subwoofers

    Subwoofers. When it comes installing them in vehicles as part of an audio system the immediate thought – or, more precisely, sound – that springs to mind is the pumping, thumping bass they emit from boy racers’ prides and joy. Yet, good low-frequency sounds are imperative to decent playback, which...

  • Simple in-car solutions: 4 new-tech fixes for an ageing vehicle

    Slowly but surely, the car industry is inching ever closer to unleashing autonomous vehicles on a semi-suspecting public. However, whether or not the prospect of the day this happens fills you with dread (will such vehicles actually be safe? Will they remove all the fun from the car experience?), there’s...

  • Where to start: essential tips for in-car audio novices

    Upgrading car audio systems; it seems like everybody’s at it, doesn’t it? But there’s a very good reason why – quite simply, such people have discovered that their factory-installed system just isn’t as good as it could, as it maybe ought to be and, thanks to saving a bit, say...

  • Why should you invest in the best new radio technology?

    Car audio installation can be a drawn-out business. So, what’s stopping you from sticking to the tried and tested?

    Branching out can be daunting, especially if you know your old car radio model worked perfectly well. There’s plenty to keep you tied to your car radio, but often, whether we want...

  • All You Need To Know About Remote Starters

    Remote starters are useful, but it’s good to have some background knowledge before you invest in them.

     Remote starters have become increasingly popular due to their use as a time saver and safety feature for cars. If you’re looking for a good way to preheat your car or start it before...

  • Top Tips For Car Crime Prevention

    We’ve all had a car scare in the past and when it comes down to it, they can be easily prevented.

    Wherever you live, car safety is always a concern. That niggling worry at the back of your head when you’re out for dinner or you’ve parked further than usual...

  • So you think you know how to install a car audio system?

    Whilst we might think that car audio is easy to install, it can be very difficult to get your head around. Here are some common mistakes that people make.

    There’s a reason why car audio manufacturers recommend that you find a professional when it comes to car audio installation. The problem...

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