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  • What To Think About When Buying Subwoofers

    Speakers for your car are a real investment, so you best make sure you get the right ones.

    It’s difficult to find the perfect speaker system. That’s why there are so many shops which sell car sub and amp packages. Finding the one that suits your car isn’t easy and...

  • Sportsters On A Tight Budget

    We all like a car with a need for speed, but they can be quite the strain on the bank.

    That’s why there are plenty of options to keep your bank account tight whilst also getting your car to look it’s best. Everyone wants a dose of flash in their car...

  • Top Car Terms You Have To Know

    Learning to drive can be a daunting task. That’s why getting your head round the lingo can be a good start to your driving life.

    Like with any hobby, driving comes with a range of lingo which can seem alien to the outsider. This can be somewhat overwhelming for those just...

  • Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Car Speakers

    Buying car speakers can be difficult to choose, but with just a few handy tips, you can glean the best form the rest.

    Having trouble in your quest for car speakers? Perhaps it’s time you gleaned some information about all that alien language in the tech specs which come alongside...

  • Start Me Up: What You Need To Know About Remote Starters

    Do you really enjoy stepping out of the house on one of those terribly cold, frosty or even snowy mornings when it’s barely light enough to get into your vehicle and then you have to wait for it to warm up for several few minutes until you don’t feel as...

  • Staying grounded: how to stop that irritating car audio hum

    So, you’ve just hooked up your lovely new MP3 kit to your car audio set-up. Brilliant. There’s just one problem. Whenever you use the thing, there’s a frustrating, nay incredibly annoying hum – or even whining – that’s emanating from the system. How on earth can you stop it?

    Now every...

  • Installation Advice: Choose A Professional; Don’t Go DIY

    There’s no question that aftermarket vehicle products are fantastic bits of kit; they can give you terrific additions to your pride and joy, without – obviously – having to go out and purchase a new vehicle featuring the latest top-of-the-range tech. That said, there’s one big challenge to overcome –...

  • Moving With The Times: Add-on Gadgets To Modernise Your Car

    Car owners hold on to vehicles they’ve had for some time for various reasons (they can’t afford a new one, say, or they can’t face parting with it), yet the downside of this means they’re ruled out of the latest innovations in digital in-car technology. Or are they? The answer’s...

  • Why You Should Always Go Pro With Your Car Installations

    There’s always one cocky mate who thinks he can install his car radio himself. Next thing you know, he’s on the search for a new one!


    In can feel like the cheaper option at the time. You buy a new car radio...

  • Troubleshooting Car Stereo Installation Problems

    On paper it may seem that car stereo installation would be easy. Even after installation, you may very well encounter audio problems.

    It’s not tinnitus, it’s the stereo system. Whether it’s a dull whine, too much radio interference or simply that the stereo your trying to install is too big...

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